Young Man Initiations.
I have had some very delicious encounters of late with some beautiful young men embarking upon their sexual adventures.  A very tricky place for gentlemen in their mid 20's to find themselves and I deeply grateful they found me. I consider the moment to be precious and valued, also playful and without the stress to impress. I am not there to judge, just support and encourage, guide and direct a lot of enthusiasm that has been waiting such a long time to be expressed. Some had just found me, some had me in mind for a couple of years before collecting the courage to just get in front of me and try it. See what can change in your world with that threshold crossed. If you have had it in your mind to come see me, but have found too many excuses in the way... just know, there is a kindness here, a patience and a respect for this very important part of becoming you. Our sexual beings are activated in the womb, all our younger self hopefully has had the opportunity to explore what our own experience is like for just ourselves. That moment when we spill over into another, when we have the chance to share our desire, our imaginings of what sex with others is like, that moment can be all sorts of things. BUT, if it hasn't happened yet, and it weighs about you like a mill stone, making you feel bad and wrong for this perceived lack of something... please allow yourself the opportunity to cross this threshold with a professional, a professional like me. With Respect, Mama B.  

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