Chasing that Horn.
Chasing that horn. I am sure there is some part of this that is from/of all human sexuality. That Desire with a capital D that just wants to fuck. When I am alone I am in awe of the force that runs through my body. When I have the time and the inclination I truly enjoy riding along the ridge of it, the back of this beast that is me, that I want to crack me open, beyond all mind, into, deep into, ALL of my body. It’s why I know I do enjoy anal, because this is when I pull out both my cunt toys and my ass toys. I just want to open ALL of me, feel into all that can create the sensations I am so very hungry for. I have a number of different toys for different types of desire. Tis interesting when the pegs come out, they are only ever when I play alone. Such instant moments that I need to be in charge of, an intensity that hits a note that is too strong for too long… it will wipe out all other nuances. The anal toys are still new to me and I am possibly doing it wrong, but when I get it right, fuck it’s good. I need to have played quite a bit with my sweet cunt first, with hard thick cock things, actually my go to is a long, smooth, sea worn, rock. So good. Then some lube and this anal toy I have had since my brothel days ( A LONG while back) It’s long, graded, good beginning toy. I am all the way to the top of it now, probably need to graduate… but I can’t seem to get a butt plug in properly yet. But that desire to be fucked in the ass is so very real, and when done by me, I know it’s going to be amazing. Today though, I kinda gave up on the anal after a while, I mean I had a fine fuck for a bit with my basic toy, ALL the way in, but after a few failures with a butt plug, I was done. So I went on to my all time cunt stretching favourite. This is actually a butt plug, but it’s so big I can’t fit it in my mouth. That is where I start with it every time… Trying to fit it in my mouth, like a promise I am making, a calibration of how big something is. I pretty much do the whole world with my mouth. I position it on the corner of the bed, the fire moving me, the altered state coursing through me, slightly drunk on the giddyness of it all. I want to feel this, to be nowhere else but here. This is my meditation, my mindfulness. Feeling my cunt stretch, easing off, lowering down again, sensations consuming me. There isn’t any speed here, just intense pressure. Fullness. Filled by the enormity of it. Edging myself further and further into this state. Fully open, opened, this epic toy is now on the inside placing all that force on the Big G, and I am riding it so hard now. FUCK so good. Reaching ALL the way in, cracking me open, easing off, to try and make it last longer. But there cums a time when all good things must end and there I blow, full body orgasm that just rips through the whole of me. Right out to my fingertips, the top of my head. I am spent. Pulling out the goodness that is my favourite toy, I fall back and promptly fall asleep… thinking I wish I could write this down. Try and capture what it is that captures me, holds me, fucks me so hard then leaves me feeling so good. It feels like what we are made for, what sex is truly about, well at least for me it is. How can any of that be wrong, when it feels so healthy.

2 thoughts on “Chasing that Horn.

  1. What an incredible read on your blogs of a natural beauty in all ways. You sound so caring and kind but yet you’re so sexy and beautiful.
    I can’t go on much longer without booking some quality time with you xo

    1. Why thank you lovely one… I do enjoy those that enjoy me! I especially enjoy those that read my blogs! I do try and convey the kind of woman I am, the places that I inhabit and attempt to share with those that arrive in front of me. I know it is a threshold to cross, but once you make it here, it all becomes so deliciously real.

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