about mama b

My rates. 

non negotiable.

I am for the considered option, not the instant gratification. 

My sessions explore the lingering kisses and the gentle time it takes to take ones time. 

For the first time in 3 years, I have put up my prices.

I define my worth and my Services are Delicious. 

Social hours; clothes on, discussing sexual state, but not dirty talk…

$150 an hour, meals and drinks provided. 


1 hour session for $400. MINIMUM. 

90 mins session for $550.

2 hour sessions for $700.

4 hour sessions for $1200. 

12 hour over night session, 6 hours sleeping, share one meal, for $2600 

14 hour over night session, 6 hours sleeping, share two meals, $3000. 


Couples Rates:

1 hour, $600

90 mins, $800

2 hours, $1050

3 hours, $1400

4 hours, $1800

Overnight $3,800.

For the Swingers Cub field training, please note, I will only be taking a client I have had at least a one hour session with to evaluate compatibility before a two hour adventure into the swinger realms. Quite the adventure, and not for the faint hearted. 

As for a long list of the things I would let you do to me, besides it being illegal to post here in Victoria, that is not how I treat an encounter with me, not a laundry list of the orifices to make sure we get to, but please be assured, we will both be deeply, sated.


*ask about my additional foodie sessions, to cook with Mama could be one way to engage food. Also available is that cooking together intimacy that an overnight with breakfast includes. 

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