Love your Beast, don’t accept yourself as monster.
I find I am having this conversation with more and more younger men and I wanted to have it here to perhaps make some sense of it all. We all have a “beast”, all the humans, tis our “animal” as Jung would call it. Our natural bodied response, and the more lived in, with and from, the stronger the beast. It’s about how much of our body we inhabit, and for this conversation, in sexual state, because this is where I see it the most. If a young man is in head, full of notions of what he is meant to be, where he is meant to push and shove his cock, his mouth, his hands, then these actions are often what I would call from the monster, not the beast. They are contrived, pre-meditated, and often centred around power over… whereas a young man that has lost all notion of what he is meant to be, just surrendered to his sweet juicy body, allowing for my touch to take him to all the rest of his bodies erogenous zones, beyond his cock, then this young man has located his beast, and found a home there. There is plenty out there to make you into a monster beauty full young man, please don’t let it. Cum and play in your delicious body, feel, allow, express, explore… I give you full permission for your beast… but I will subvert your monster every chance I get.

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