Suckling Mama.
I do wonder if you get as much pleasure suckling my breasts as I do when you suckle me? My whole body responds when it’s done deeply when I can feel you drinking me in. That’s what on offer here, my open hearted self just flowing when I am opened like this. When you arrive to my breasts, knowing that you want to, want to just suckle, just rest your head on a pillow, get really comfortable and just suckle away at my breasts. When I can feel you sink in, just be deliciously present, not wanting to do, be anything else, just there, resting at the breast in such a way as to find a warmth fill you up, as you drink me in. It is amazing how we are both fed from this, how this wondrous feedback loop just keeps giving to us both. Lost. In skin on skin, suckling, at my soft and flowing boobs. If it’s your thing, you really should cum along and have a session with me. I do enjoy those that enjoy me!

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