Learning to love my photo’s
  I have heard many times, "Your photo's don't do you justice"... Which I appreciate, because I don't think they do either. Perhaps until now. I had the most amazing time with a dear friend and her camera a couple of months ago, and I want to share some of the bounty gathered, whilst still not comfortable being contained in a 2D image. There is so much of me that never seems to make it into a picture that I kinda feel like they aren't the whole thing... but I guess that is what coming to see me in the real is all about. The picture just gives you a vague idea of what will be in front of you when I open the door, but never can they represent the heat of my touch, the softness of my skin, nor the gentleness of my kisses. I am working on setting up a gallery, wish me luck! And also, let me know what you think of my new pictures... I really don't know how they land and would love to learn more about what is desired. Enjoy Yummy Ones!  

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