Your 24 to my 52
Loving the skin I am in
I posted that on twitter a while back and thought I would elaborate. That age gap is quite delicious in a number of ways. ALL that exquisite power that lives in a young mans libido that is then guided by the wisdom a woman of 52 can acquire in her very bones. A dynamic combination. When a young man has been longing to be set free, encouraged and engaged to reach all the way into his raw power because this older woman knows what it feels like to be unleashed. This goes both ways you see. When a young man arrives open to learning, open to being shown the ins and outs of really good sexual encounter. The time it takes to train a young cub depends on how deep he wants to learn, practice making...practiced. (Who wants to be perfect?) I have some simple tips to begin with: slowing down, breathing in, communicating clearly, setting some edges, expressing some desires… yep, language, talking is quite a delicious way to start. To explore the words we want to say out loud, living out some fantasy script does need to begin with sharing it. Knowing one’s boundaries another powerful conversation. Beyond those spaces are some broad fields of possibility. Some anatomy show and tell can be quite fun, asking all those questions that were never permissible before, so sexy good when you know you can touch and taste along the way as you learn. So much of the Cub Training is permission. I give you permission to come and be ALL that you suspect sex is about. Once we have some skin shared we could even take that adventure that is a swingers space! So, if you feel like you know nothing Jon Snow... then come to Mama B, spend some time enjoying your learning.

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