Sharing Mama B
Hello delicious ones… I often ponder on how to share the contents of a mother son role play, because we all know there is a hunger for this place, but I don’t know if I am expressing it well enough for you to understand where we can go. It is a soft place, where you are held dear, touched deeply and revered for being such a good boy. Where your face is stroked, and your cock is stroked… perhaps at the same time. It can be a place where we snuggle in and rest at the breast, free to just suckle and feel that cocoon of lovingly being held, which can then slide straight into that intense powerful permission to fuck mama, because you know you want to fuck mama, and you want her to want you to fuck mama. Role play means we set this up with the right spot for you, the place where it tickles the most, and go from there. With this container, we have permission, as grown adults, to suspend disbelief just long enough to play, really play in this place, between mama and her boy, her good boy.   I do hope you choose this for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Mama B

  1. Mama b it would be both of honour for us to share some time together, cougar service. I am a cub who would cherish you

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