Erotic Life Modelling.
I have loved life modeling for a long long time, but have yet to return to the push of it. I do wonder though, what it would be like to share such a passion with a client? They can bring along some art materials, we can both get naked, drink some wine, create some deliciously erotic poses, draw, fuck, paint, fuck, play in that exquisite space between sex and art... ie. the same thing. I guess we could use a camera, but it's not the same thing... there is something raw and real and present about using your hands to make your art, whether charcoal or pastel, paint, pen or pencil... tis the texture of paper and the scratch of the art making and of course that feedback loop of artist and muse in full erotic goodness. Co-creating the poses, being very juicy about the expression of the fuck and being fucked, I am enjoying just the writing of this post... can you imagine the reality of it? Reach out if you can imagine it... feels like it would be an enormous amount of fun!  

One thought on “Erotic Life Modelling.

  1. As an artist myself and as someone who is thrilled by your touch, reading this felt like a dream – I can only imagine the pleasure of living it. I don’t have the means right now but in time I’ll cum for you.

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