I copied and pasted this definition from Scarlet Blue. “GFE – girlfriend experience. A very intimate service, where the escort is more like a girlfriend. May include such services as sex, french kissing and mutual oral sex. The details of each escort’s girlfriend experience can vary, and confirmation about her services is recommended.”

Perhaps the Mama B offering is a GFE on steroids? A deeply intimate service… with a level of intimate touch that you are hungering for. Meeting you where you are, creating a sense of real and honest skin that can hold you. Plenty of kissing, all those places that need kissing. By starting with the softness of a shared shower, the resting at the breast, sinking into the depth of your body… as free of the mind as we can be… perhaps the body can be fed a different sexual state, a held surrendered state that allows the real animal nature to arrive… the Soft Animal that Loves what it Loves.

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