Building safe. For you, for me.

I quite normally walk in the world with a deep sense of safe, which interestingly, translates to the freedom I often express sexually. I find a security in this freedom. It’s a freedom we can afford each other in the initial commitment to stay honest with ourselves. Listening to the body, knowing what our edges are, feeling into what works, what doesn’t work.

Using that simple traffic light system of GREEN for Good, YELLOW for Hold on minute, check what’s happening and RED, STOP what ever you are doing.

Interestingly the body needs to lead, for the mind has all sorts of idea’s that the body isn’t quite as enthusiastic about. Learning to deeply listen to the bodies real states of arousal is a skill set our culture is not going to teach you. Indeed, our culture seems intent on teaching very little about pleasure, sexual adventuring and exploring what an erotic imagination may be capable of.

This space between us in a session is built for these kinds of capacity building moments. Creating a safe that comes from a softness, an unconditional love, a commitment to be non-judgmental… just like Mama.

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