Storytime with Mama B

This journey of Mama Son Role Play is quite profound. I had the honour again of holding a little, so tenderly, so lovingly, lingering at the breast, lost in the skin, the softness the suckling, long gone from any mind. Held safe and clear in the container we build to be able reach such places. If we know what we are doing, where we are reaching for before we go, we can hold each other there, in the juicy center of an encounter that can reach so very deep into the longings. Giving voice, action, reality to a fantasy state that is as real as any other fantasy. When two adults allow for the play that has the little within held so honestly, so visibly, so very gently. I do hope those that have this particular flavour of fantasy find me… I feel like I have a deep gift to share, a place worth valuing. Please, reach for me if you know you want this for you.

2 thoughts on “HOLDING THE LITTLE

  1. Hi Mamab,

    I have enjoyed your blogs, and was wondering if the little at the beginning of this paragraph was a metaphor or if you were holding a new born


    1. Thank you Paul for your comment. This is the Little that lives within each of us, our little self. Think the rings of the tree, each year another ring. I feel we are similar, each year we build on who we have been, all that is been experienced lived in the body. So, if you sink all the way down, you can reach for and possibly experience, the little within. Hope that answers your question, thanks for asking!

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