Taking the time to be held.
I do hope your festive season is as you choose it to be, but I wonder how much of your celebrating is how you would like it to be... I mean, wouldn't you rather be resting your head deep in this cleavage? We have a hectic life, even our holidays get all packed in. Add the stress of a pandemic and I reckon it's been way too long since you let yourself just rest. Resting at the breast, resting in skin, sinking deep into the moment where flesh merges, if we let it in. My minimum is an hour for a good reason, because I really enjoy a good session, and the bare minimum that takes is an hour... long slow deep wet kisses that last three days. (as in you can still feel them three days later) So, when you are considering all that you enjoy in life, I hope you will consider some time spent enjoying me, I do enjoy those that enjoy me!... 4 times in one sentence... is that too much Joy? May 2022 see much more skin explored than these last 2 years.

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