Your pleasure becomes my pleasure becomes yours.


A feedback loop that just gets better each time we play. 

Is this a learned thing? Do we learn how to do this because we take the time to enjoy, and feel that enjoyment? Is it when we see it on another's face, or hear it in their moan, or perhaps, like me, their whole body responds with delicious undulations... is that how we share pleasure?

Is it a maturity? Is it part of the consent wheel conversation? Where we know we are giving and getting something from the giving. And just where is it that we learn these things? The permission available in the 3 minute game is real. In this container we build together, we are allowed to explore so much. 

What I love most about the Cougar/Cub training is that you arrive open to learning. We can have so much more fun when that is a possibility. Learning to learn from an older, kind woman can be a rather delicious adventure. There are very few questions I wont answer, or help find the answer to, if I don't know. 

Our bodies are an adventure playland... come, let's play, tis the most fun way to learn. 

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