To arrive again at what we want.
  Finally. We are back in the world, allowed to want what we want. As I open up to the conversation of what I want to share in my sessions, I am struck by the desire to connect. Really connect. In skin, in touch, in the moment, really be with each other, because we are not designed to be alone. We really do thrive when we have touch. When we are held. When we are heard and seen and embraced for the human we are. I want our session to leave a deep exhaled sigh in your being. You have let go. Allowed yourself to shed the tension that arrives when you are spread too thin, stretched too far. We did some long yards, some big distances these last 3 months in Melbourne. NOW is the time to celebrate with some fine times of being with. So treat yourself to a couple of hours in each other’s arms, with kisses aplenty… those long lingering ones that last three days. Your turn, my turn or our turn.  Is it time to have your turn now? Is that what you want? Mama B What You Need.

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