Finally some mommy/son porn I have enjoyed…
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So much of what is called mommy porn out there
Learning to love my photo’s
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  I have heard many times, "Your photo's don't do
Your 24 to my 52
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I posted that on twitter a while back and thought
To surrender
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Having been away for the last month, I got a
Introducing Mama B Storytime.
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There are two of them so far... Storytime. Invitations that
Introducing Chloe… still me, just not with a Mama B focus.
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Just like every other human on the planet, I am
The Joy of Giving Head.
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I know that there is a whole lot of "film"
Learning to Love my Ass.
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I have a confession. I am only just now learning
Your pleasure becomes my pleasure becomes yours.
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  A feedback loop that just gets better each time
Taking the time to be held.
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I do hope your festive season is as you choose