Learning to Love my Ass.
I have a confession. I am only just now learning to love my ass. It's taken a long time to get here, and it's a bumpy road with loads of places to get lost in the self loathing, but I don't go that way anymore... not since I have been working these last two years. I gotta say, it's because of the way that you delicious Men, so far, show up. Wonderful client after client arrive, just LOVING this ass of mine, wanting to eat it, to bury their faces in it... and the joy! WOW, the Joy is amazing. So, thank you, each and every yummy man that has buried his face in this ass of mine. Thank you for showing me how to love my ass the way you do. This wonderful picture was taken by a client that had just been dining upon this delicacy... I do hope you like it!

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