… was an act of Worship. At an Ancient Temple in the Middle East somewhere. Or at least that is how the story goes. I often wonder on those times. They say that the menfolk, after they had been at war, returned to the Temples to be brought out of warrior back into man, farmer, husband, father. Through the loving, deeply healing, sexual states that would bring Him back to Her.

It was ALL worship. Her presence, her choice to be there, her deep devotional states that were revered, respected, honoured. It was an unconditional Love. Agape. The Love between Human and God/Goddess through the actual humans touching you.

THIS. This is what I know is possible in an encounter.

IF you arrive with Respect.

I know I do. I arrive to a session in AWE of a human that will let themselves have this level of experience. The human that makes it through the door. It’s not about finding the time or money, it’s about the action of trust, desire, the reach into the unknown.

The permission a session affords us both to drop all the noise of what sex is meant to be about and craft an experience of what it could be in the most honest of ways. To consider what developing the palate of your body. Exploring the sensuousness of your being. Dropping deep into the skin, the subtle body, the soft animal.

When will you give yourself that kind of permission?

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