Welcome To the Home of Mama B

Hello, I am Mama B.

We are living in different times, and still need to be careful… BUT FINALLY I am available for face to face sessions again! .

Please see my page on Conversations for further details of the services I am still available for.

I suit those who seek an encounter with the comforting connection of a woman and those who enjoy maturity and voluptuous softness.

I adore having my body pleasured and appreciated by fans of my body type the mature BBW.

I am the type who wants to engage with you, all of you.

I seek those who yearn for a companion and play mate. I suit those who seek erotic connection and as well as submersion in the senses.

And for those that love the  natural breasts, I take breast play to such orgasmic places!

I offer you a deep accepting space that holds us both good and right in this… this moment we allow ourselves.

What kind of session would you like?

All sessions with me are for those that love to touch and to be touched.

Those that want to know that place of really good touch, being freely able to say how you want to be touched. Those that want to have their touch appreciated maybe a little guided to enjoy that delicious feedback loop of really knowing your touch feels good.

Please trust that I am kind, caring and honest. I have clear and articulated boundaries and we can share about yours too in our initial conversation.

In the beginning of any session we will have a conversation so that we both know how to have the most delicious time.

We can shower together, beginning and ending, if you like.

We can create a safe and open space to share what it is that you truly want.

Then maybe we can go there…

Depends on if you let yourself arrive.

Enjoy Your world, I truly LOVE mine!

How to book your session.

Please EMAIL me or CALL me,


0491  709  306

Let me know your name and phone number, perhaps a bit about you… or not.

Let me know how to reach you for a call. I am going to call you, so let me know when it is a good time to call.

Your current options are:

1 hour, $350

90 mins, $400

2 hours, $500

4 hours, $800

Overnight, $1500

Don’t ask for anything else, I don’t wish to disappoint.

When making a booking you need to put down a non-refundable deposit, relevant to your booking, to secure the time.

A deposit is to confirm not only your time, but your presence. I prepare on many levels to be able to hold you, this needs honouring.

My time is valuable, so is yours, Please don’t waste it.

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