Mama B’s Musings…

“Holding the Little Boy Within… that the Man may Emerge. ”  The first written words.

“Another chapter of my sex worker offerings has arrived: Mama B.

Feels like a conversation of Primal/Mother/ Goddess(I expect I won’t be using this word) A primary exploration of the cages, specifically, Men are contained within, the ones their Mothers (or significant adult Female) made for them.

For this party I would love to build a little nest, a safe and held space, that any cock owning human that feels any kind of containing, embodied shame, or different forms of being wrong in their sexual state… I invite you to bring yourself to this nest, rest in my arms, with my ample breast, which you are welcome to nuzzle, suckle, reach for a nurturing state… Be bathed in a overall unconditional loving moment that we can perhaps explore what you may need to become free.

Essentially, I have a hunch, a deep feeling that there is an important space, held by the open breast, that I feel deliciously called to explore thus.

Would anyone be interested? Please PM if you wish? I have no idea if I am going about this the “right” way, but I have had such a hankering to open this up, and our delicious sex party community feels like a grand place to explore that place between Mother/Son and all the deep body held parts of it. So open to suggestions to make this safe and possible.” (my words from another private published space)

The first words to describe a movement that has become quite a force in my life that I know better than to ignore. This process of languaging this conversation, to try and create words for such an encounter. Create enough of a understanding that I can share, effectively.

My hunch was right, but this isn’t for the broken Man, this experience is for ANY human.

We all have the infant within. We may or may not have been breastfed as infants. If there is any substantial unmet needs found within from here they would be truly hard to access. Perhaps, what I am envisioning will reach.

“That oxytocin release in the let down when breastfeeding is a doozy!! Messes big time with the whole. “What is desire, Love… Exactly?” there is so much shame here that there is very little room in culture to speak to. I am feeling part of the moment that may need to be met as an adult, because the child self had no chance of making any sense of it, is that confusion in the mama. Feels like what Mama B is all about. Meeting that, feeling all the feels, and being unbound from anything that got caught.”

Further writing from that post, as the questions and comments came in, this is where the conversation continued.

“Thank you XXX, that really feels like the gift in this offering, to allow the nurturing to become free of shame again. My suspicion is that because the “mother” is never allowed to be a “sexual” being in our culture (broadly and generalized as that statement is) yet. Feeling feels for our Mother, as a son, that first woman to fall in love with. If unexplored, perhaps this is where the Gold lives.”

I totally respect that role play is one way to access this part of us. But my feeling is that there is another way afforded to us through a type of Primal level Mama. Being held in those depths, with no performance needed, no action to be taken, just a sink down into the earliest sexual memory you have, feeling into that child self, the way one was held by mother in that sexual state.  Perhaps even considering how we relate to the natural world? The BIG Mama… How does our natural sexual nature live in our bodies? Can we discern any cages, binds and forces that control that freedom? Does this make sense?? Language for such places is hard to grasp. But this is my current adventure!! Looking forward to those that wish to join me!!

These are the first words.

I know and trust that there will be many more words to share what it is that lives in this opportunity.