TOYS! So much fun to be had.


To Explore the toys! I do love those that can let themselves play. Learning and enjoying what there is to be experienced. Recently acquiring a cock of my own I am truly joyful thinking on all the places it will fit! I went and got a few cocks to choose from too. But this toy, this remote vibrating cock ring… well this one makes me smile! I do wonder on the cock owner that would love to begin our session in their room, start with some play… secure this beauty and then cum and have dinner with me whilst I choose just the most delicious times to press a button as many times as I like. Mind you, to be fair, I may need to get myself an egg too. Then we can both enjoy the fuck out of playing in public without really being seen. Such a wicked goodness to share!

Holding the Little

Storytime with Mama B

This journey of Mama Son is quite profound. I had the honour again of holding a little, so tenderly, so lovingly, lingering at the breast, lost in the skin, the softness the suckling, long gone from any mind. Held safe and clear in the container we build to be able reach such places. If we know what we are doing, where we are reaching for before we go, we can hold each other there, in the juicy center of an encounter that can reach so very deep into the longings. Giving voice, action, reality to a fantasy state that is as real as any other fantasy. When two adults allow for the play that has the little within held so honestly, so visibly, so very gently. I do hope those that have this particular flavour of fantasy find me… I feel like I have a deep gift to share, a place worth valuing. Please, reach for me if you know you want this for you.

The Original Anonymous Sexual Encounter…

Lillith relief

… was an act of Worship. At an Ancient Temple in the Middle East somewhere. Or at least that is how the story goes. I often wonder on those times. They say that the menfolk, after they had been at war, returned to the Temples to be brought out of warrior back into man, farmer, husband, father. Through the loving, deeply healing, sexual states that would bring Him back to Her.


It was ALL worship. Her presence, her choice to be there, her deep devotional states that were revered, respected, honoured. It was an unconditional Love. Agape. The Love between Human and God/Goddess through the actual humans touching you.


THIS. This is what I know is possible in an encounter.


IF you arrive with Respect.


I know I do. I arrive to a session in AWE of a human that will let themselves have this level of experience. The human that makes it through the door. It’s not about finding the time or money, it’s about the action of trust, desire, the reach into the unknown.


The permission a session affords us both to drop all the noise of what sex is meant to be about and craft an experience of what it could be in the most honest of ways. To consider what developing the palate of your body. Exploring the sensuousness of your being. Dropping deep into the skin, the subtle body, the soft animal.


When will you give yourself that kind of permission?



The GFE of Mama B.

  • I copied and pasted this definition from Scarlet Blue.  “GFE  – girlfriend experience. A very intimate service, where the escort is more like a girlfriend. May include such services as sex, french kissing and mutual oral sex. The details of each escort’s girlfriend experience can vary, and confirmation about her services is recommended.”

Perhaps the Mama B offering is a GFE on steroids? A deeply intimate service… with a level of intimate touch that  you are hungering for. Meeting you where you are, creating a sense of real and honest skin that can hold you. Plenty of kissing, all those places that need kissing. By starting with the softness of a shared shower, the resting at the breast, sinking into the depth of your body… as free of the mind as we can be… perhaps the body can be fed a different sexual state, a held surrendered state that allows the real animal nature to arrive… the Soft Animal that Loves what it Loves.


frontal face

What. You. Need.

Not what your mind is telling you to want.

Not what you are told you should want.

Not a new selection from the catalogue of distractions.

Not a variation of what you have already consumed, time and time again.

No, not all that.

THIS. This is what you need.

To be held.

To be touched, fully, with loving attention.

To be cared for.

To rest at the breast. Fully.

This is, what you need.

Or not.

You won’t know if you don’t at least taste.



Building safe. For you, for me.


I quite normally walk in the world with a deep sense of safe, which interestingly, translates to the freedom I often express sexually. I find a security in this freedom. It’s a freedom we can afford each other in the initial commitment to stay honest with ourselves. Listening to the body, knowing what our edges are, feeling into what works, what doesn’t work.


Using that simple traffic light system of GREEN for Good, YELLOW for Hold on minute, check what’s happening and RED, STOP what ever you are doing.


Interestingly the body needs to lead, for the mind has all sorts of idea’s that the body isn’t quite as enthusiastic about. Learning to deeply listen to the bodies real states of arousal is a skill set our culture is not going to teach you. Indeed, our culture seems intent on teaching very little about pleasure, sexual adventuring and exploring what an erotic imagination may be capable of.


This space between us in a session is built for these kinds of capacity building moments. Creating a safe that comes from a softness, an unconditional love, a commitment to be non-judgmental… just like Mama.

A Bounty of Bosom.


A session with Mama B is also full service, but perhaps that is more about what can happen rather than what must happen. By beginning the session dropping out of mind, into body, resting deep at breast, there are a lot of have to’s that drop away. We can take the pressure off to be anything, to achieve anything and just let the soft animal be soft, touched, held. Be it two hours or four, there definitely a bounty to be found in this bosom shared in the sweetness of skin.

What it could be…


This opportunity is in it’s infancy… literally. To hold the infant within, we need to slowly descend into the body.


For that, we need to start with a conversation about this beauty full body. If we have some clear boundaries,  clear language, safer sex practices we can both trust, be clear… then, then we can rest in the body, in the skin.


From there into a shared shower… letting me wash you… gently, slowly, descending into body, feeling the skin become alive.


This makes the nesting onto a warm bed, soft, propped up, ease full … as we organise ourselves to rest in the breast… to be held close the heart, opened, caressing, resting. Being fed from here, being nourished like only the breast can.


As we surrender, softly, undone of mind, letting go… with no where else to be but nuzzled at the breast, drinking deeply the sensations. This could take us… anywhere the soft animal loves.



Mama B’s Musings…

“Holding the Little Boy Within… that the Man may Emerge. ”  The first written words.

“Another chapter of my sex worker offerings has arrived: Mama B.

Feels like a conversation of Primal/Mother/ Goddess(I expect I won’t be using this word) A primary exploration of the cages, specifically, Men are contained within, the ones their Mothers (or significant adult Female) made for them.

For this party I would love to build a little nest, a safe and held space, that any cock owning human that feels any kind of containing, embodied shame, or different forms of being wrong in their sexual state… I invite you to bring yourself to this nest, rest in my arms, with my ample breast, which you are welcome to nuzzle, suckle, reach for a nurturing state… Be bathed in a overall unconditional loving moment that we can perhaps explore what you may need to become free.

Essentially, I have a hunch, a deep feeling that there is an important space, held by the open breast, that I feel deliciously called to explore thus.

Would anyone be interested? Please PM if you wish? I have no idea if I am going about this the “right” way, but I have had such a hankering to open this up, and our delicious sex party community feels like a grand place to explore that place between Mother/Son and all the deep body held parts of it. So open to suggestions to make this safe and possible.” (my words from another private published space)

The first words to describe a movement that has become quite a force in my life that I know better than to ignore. This process of languaging this conversation, to try and create words for such an encounter. Create enough of a understanding that I can share, effectively.

My hunch was right, but this isn’t for the broken Man, this experience is for ANY human.

We all have the infant within. We may or may not have been breastfed as infants. If there is any substantial unmet needs found within from here they would be truly hard to access. Perhaps, what I am envisioning will reach.

“That oxytocin release in the let down when breastfeeding is a doozy!! Messes big time with the whole. “What is desire, Love… Exactly?” there is so much shame here that there is very little room in culture to speak to. I am feeling part of the moment that may need to be met as an adult, because the child self had no chance of making any sense of it, is that confusion in the mama. Feels like what Mama B is all about. Meeting that, feeling all the feels, and being unbound from anything that got caught.”

Further writing from that post, as the questions and comments came in, this is where the conversation continued.

“Thank you XXX, that really feels like the gift in this offering, to allow the nurturing to become free of shame again. My suspicion is that because the “mother” is never allowed to be a “sexual” being in our culture (broadly and generalized as that statement is) yet. Feeling feels for our Mother, as a son, that first woman to fall in love with. If unexplored, perhaps this is where the Gold lives.”

I totally respect that role play is one way to access this part of us. But my feeling is that there is another way afforded to us through a type of Primal level Mama. Being held in those depths, with no performance needed, no action to be taken, just a sink down into the earliest sexual memory you have, feeling into that child self, the way one was held by mother in that sexual state.  Perhaps even considering how we relate to the natural world? The BIG Mama… How does our natural sexual nature live in our bodies? Can we discern any cages, binds and forces that control that freedom? Does this make sense?? Language for such places is hard to grasp. But this is my current adventure!! Looking forward to those that wish to join me!!

These are the first words.

I know and trust that there will be many more words to share what it is that lives in this opportunity.